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Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[12.Jul.11 14:26]

Besides the obvious psychological value of you advice, fairly impossible to attain though as "forgiving and forgetting" are NOT simple acts of will, but rather horrendously complicated structural attributes of human interaction, nearly impossible to squeeze in words, I was wondering about the (any) literary meaning and/or value of your "thought"...
As another thought, would you please explain to a Holocaust survivor about "forgiving and forgetting" what has been done to 6 million Jews and 15 million non-Jews? You see, you may try to forget an Auschwitz tattoo, but that won't erase it, neither from your arm, nor from your heart...



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Radu Herinean
[12.Jul.11 15:30]
Romulus, feel free to move the text to the workshop when you feel it's literary unsatisfactory. I am posting here to test the -1 also, as we had some issues with this functionality recently.

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