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Veronica Vãleanu
[17.Sep.11 10:32]
[there is...] instead of [Exists just one form of]
[profesionally determined] [oneness of the]
[the populations they ruled]
[are used to applying]
[making the task of ruling...easier]
[endowed with...mental abilities]
[for long] instead of [on long time periods]
deprive of
[a brand new state] instead of [a bright..]
royalty] instead of [regality]
a possible comparison... is undisputable

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James A Williams
[22.Jan.12 03:35]
A good summary, though I confess that it was years ago I read it. A few observations and corrections if I may.

Briliant is spelled 'brilliant,' (first and second sentences.)

Sand warms should be 'sand worms.'

Dinasty would be 'dynasty.'

"…it is one which it was thought on long time,"

Try: it is one which it was thought on 'for a' long time,"

apllied should be spelled 'applied.'

thanks for this piece,

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