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 =  twelve o'clock
Dely Cristian Marian
[01.Jan.13 17:00]
dear lavinia,
it is the timing that seems to foster a rather dense loneliness, in this poetry.
"trees aflame eyes alight" has enlightened my thinking a bit, though "i feel patriotic" doesn't feel right surrounded by these glimpses.

best wishes,

 =  patriotic zombieland...
Romulus Campan
[01.Jan.13 18:38]
Hmm, interesting thoughts, like an inventory of uselessness, happy non-apocalyptic aftermath of champagne bubbling patriotic zombies, where the only sane feelings are foolishness and love!

Happy new end of the world:-))


 =  happy new year
Motoc Lavinia
[02.Jan.13 11:27]
You are probably right, Cristian, sometimes it is not worth going back or giving it second thoughts. It is just what it was at that time of that day during the fireworks in London . And strangely enough, as I was just recording thoughts and feelings , patriotism was one of them.

Romulus, your words are better dressed than mine, cheers and see you into a New better, Year! You seemed to have been on the same wave length with me and all the others at The London Eye.

 =  Shaun of the...
Romulus Campan
[02.Jan.13 12:01]
Hi Lavi,

So you've got a "white Xmas" too:-)?!
I just noticed where you live:-)
Looks like we'd need to dust off Shaun of the Dead, who knows, it might be some survival text book for us here, actually...

Take care,


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