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 =  "impossible equilibrium..."
Romulus Campan
[31.Jan.13 11:02]
Hi Cristina,

I must tell you I really enjoyed reading something in a style different of the majority of you other writings (forgive me of ignorance if I have missed others alike:-).
Your personal touch came through nevertheless, as you analyse the seen through your own unseen, to draw conclusions encouraging further thought! Or as the English would say, you ofyentimes write "food for thought".
You've touched a painful dichotomy in both an objective and a personally felt manner, leaving the question open as I said, exactly as life itself is, open and unpredictible to its last page...
I would suggest "well in a small train station", and "Othello punished by his own self " and "all passions can be parts of... ".


 =  I agree with you
Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu
[31.Jan.13 15:29]
Thanks for stopping by Romulus. I followed your suggestions. :)

 =  *
Romulus Campan
[31.Jan.13 15:41]
Always my honour Cristina,

looking forward to stopping by again:-)


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