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Maria Tirenescu
[10.Jan.15 20:22]

The editing board of the Journal of Romanian-Japanese cultural interferences HAIKU has organized in the first semester of this year, the annual competition of haiku poems, edition 2014 with international participation.
It has received by e-mail or by mail a number of 816 haiku poems, belonging to 141 poets. From these a number of 220 poems belonged to the Romanian poets and596 poems belonged to the foreign poets.
The criteria for accepting poems are the requirements communicated in the notification of the contest
The jury was composed of:
- President - Valentin Nicoliţov
-Members: Teodora Moţet and Florin Grigoriu.
Finally, the prizes and honorable mentions were awarded to the sections Romanian, English and French. The winners of the prizes and honorable mentions are:

English section/ Secţiunea engleză**

First Award
Andrius LUNECKAS- Lituania
Snowing –
sick child draws
the stork

Second Award
Stjepan ROZIC –Croaţia
Winter beginning
over the dry leaves rustles
a hurried hedgehog

Third Award
Frans TERRYN -Belgia
First tip of winter –
an icy wind drives me
and my dog homewards

Senryu- First award
Amitava DASGUPTA –U.S.A.
April Fool’s Day
my boss promises me
a salary increase

Senryu- Second award
You damn mosquito
stop buzzing me will you please
you trouble my dreams

Jacek MARGOLAK - Polonia
the pillow to the cold side
cricket song

Nada JAČMENICA - Croaţia
A tom cat in rush –
from his mouth sticks out
his breakfast's tail

Klavdija ZBIČAJNIK - Slovenia
Across the street is walking
with large steps
neighbor's black dog

Radhey SHIAM - India
A deserted road
a divorced lady strolls
faithful dog follows

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