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+ Shroud of verses
"The silence is singing throughout
The catacombs of a
Mere echo;"

And I am wrapped by the Neon shroud of your verses.
Great one here


 =  *Beautiful*
Joshua Vasquez Butawan
[31.Oct.05 14:52]
Vividly beautiful, the images, I like it, it is very special, the music in silence tuned up in my ears, even if I am in the dark stagnant room, I loved it!
simply wow...

 =  diego
diego anguiano
[30.Oct.05 08:56]
Neither Life nor Death are there
To bring
Peace to this
Cataleptic picture.

i know exactly how u feel

 =  shadow of a diamond
Romulus Campan
[10.Nov.05 17:18]
What a breath of thoughts!
"strangely luring
Of the midnight’s
Shroud of Moths."
Oh, how I enjoy endings which are crowning a poem! Heavy grip of a complicated mind, over the shadow of a diamond.

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