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+ welcome
Anca Anghel Novac
[26.Apr.04 15:18]
Interesting poetry indeed.
I welcome you on the English part and I'm looking forward for your future writings.

 =  So warm being read...
Mihaela Maxim
[26.Apr.04 16:50]
Thank you! ...Feels good...feeling great!
I'm sure it's so much more to do with it, to become indeed...readable. (I mean it doesn't sound too...poetical, maby, and sometimes neither too...gramatical founded, but good practice may eventually improve the work)
The texts are created with songs. They are almost all...lyrics.
Thank you for really great support. And I say that about the entire site (the tree parts, english, romanian and french - it's good to have you arround, people really interesting ...and interested in what we are trying to do here)

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