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+ The Translation Week Award- English
Anca Anghel Novac
[01.May.04 06:46]
This translation of a poem written by Bernard Fournier is very good indeed. I noticed sometimes some typos but not many and I know you can improve this.
I’m happy to see you among us and I am sure your input will be appreciated in the near future.

We are looking forward for your poems and comments in English.

 =  Thank you
Mihaela Maxim
[01.May.04 09:45]
I hope I deserve that. Anyway it makes me feel responsible... and honored.
(I'll try to look again, I know I'm influenced sometimes by what I read if I like it, 'cause it starts printing on my soul. It comes in my mind now, a very dear song singed by Julio Iglesias - "If you will go", that impressed me most at the moment, few years ago...)
Thank you.

 =  "If you go away"
Mihaela Maxim
[01.May.04 13:43]
"If you go away
On a summer day
Will you might as well
Take the sun away
And the moon that shines[…]
But if you stay
I’ll make you a day
Like no day has been or will be again[…]
I’ll talk to your eyes
That I love so much[…]
But if you go
I’ll understand
Make me just enough love
To fill up my hand[…]"

 =  Very...
Daniel Dinescu
[01.May.04 14:26]
Uncovering the secret of your eyes...
I like your English version of the poem, I will pass through your personal page more often! ;)
Yours sincerely,

 =  You're welcome
Mihaela Maxim
[01.May.04 20:45]
Thank you, Daniel.

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