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mazHur[ Mazhar Butt]

 Indocti discant is my motto  Mazhar Butt

City of Residence: karachi
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The Hateful Darkness of Estrangement : love,eyes,romance,fidelity,betrayal,deception,
Poetry 2007-12-24 (1067 hits)
Workshop Only

May be wrong may be right. : human types, nature, humans, words of wisdom,philosophy,personalities,psychology
Poetry 2007-12-23 (1100 hits)
Workshop Only

Past, Present and Future. : Past, Present and Future.,time,philosophy,reincarnation
Poetry 2007-12-21 (1538 hits)
Workshop Only

Eclipse : love, nature,romance, phenomenon,
Poetry 2007-12-21 (1212 hits)
Workshop Only

The Woollen Coat : love, romance, life, coat, endurance, climate,natural phenomenon
Poetry 2007-12-18 (1040 hits)

Ideodynamics Of A Sugar Daddy! : Ideodynamics,Life, sugar daddy,love, lust,
Poetry 2007-12-16 (1302 hits)

The Rape Of A Marvel Of Science. : Rontgen,Science,Sex,Life,X-rays.lechery
Poetry 2007-12-15 (999 hits)

The Grapes Are Sour! : old age,deprivation, dejection,humans, life,festivals,pleasure,lust
Poetry 2007-12-15 (1108 hits)

The Story of Women : Women, Men,Creation,philosophy, Occult,mystery,
Poetry 2007-12-13 (1097 hits)

This is an old, old world ! : philosophy,occult,sex,procreation,humans,world,imagination,erotica
Poetry 2007-12-12 (1122 hits)

A Tale Of A Prostitute : Life,Women,Prostitutes,Pimps,Occult,Mystery,Sex
Poetry 2007-12-11 (2499 hits)

To Reverend Pundits, Mullahs,Rabbis, Priests and Gurus : Religion, Philosophy, Clergy, God, Mortals, Habit, Rote
Poetry 2007-12-11 (1061 hits)

Life Cycle Of An Oak : Oak, Nature,Senses,Sex,Philosophy,Imagery,Love
Poetry 2007-12-10 (972 hits)

Bowl Of Love : love, soul,beauty,ecstacy
Poetry 2007-12-08 (1078 hits)

On A Promotional Scheme By A Food Chain : sales gimmicks, society, lust,greed, exploitation,students,schools,education,fastfood,
Poetry 2007-12-06 (1028 hits)

Grandmother's Advice : life,family,abnormalities,sex,psychology,story
Poetry 2007-12-06 (917 hits)

Q for Qurious : alphabet,imagery
Poetry 2007-12-04 (1963 hits)

Youth : youth,beauty,age,life
Poetry 2007-12-02 (1237 hits)
Workshop Only

Thanking God ! : God, Mortals, Human Nature,Mysticism,Pholosophy
Poetry 2007-12-01 (1219 hits)
Workshop Only

Voice of the Dead : Dead, Fear, Grave,Feelings, Life
Poetry 2007-12-01 (1218 hits)
Workshop Only

True To Her Words ! : love, fate, life,failures,sadness
Poetry 2007-11-30 (1095 hits)
Workshop Only

The Demon of Night : loneliness, night, god, life,
Poetry 2007-11-30 (1117 hits)

The Guitar : preaching, religion,music, guitar, sermon, people, Preacher,
Poetry 2007-11-27 (1098 hits)
Portfolio Only

Dream : dream,fantasy,love,romance,esoteric,colors,sex
Poetry 2007-11-27 (1035 hits)

Deprivation : philosophy,mysticism,life
Poetry 2007-11-27 (921 hits)

Poets Are Dreamers ! : poets,poetry,personalities,nature,habit,attributes,fantasy,imagination
Poetry 2007-11-26 (2882 hits)

The Prophet and I : Sufferings, Prophets, Analogy,Story,Autobiography,Tragedy, Prophets,Fate,Providence
Poetry 2007-11-25 (1042 hits)

On Dejection : Depression,Dejection,Loneliness,Sadness, Mood,Personality
Poetry 2007-11-25 (2595 hits)
Workshop Only

Brobdingnag! : Fantasy,Love,weird,Expectation,Disappointment, homesickness,Romance,story,
Poetry 2007-11-25 (930 hits)

Thanksgiving Day : Festivals,rituals,religion,sacrifice,animals,slaughter,bloodshed,pleasure,deity,god
Poetry 2007-11-23 (1598 hits)

Love For Love's Sake ! : Life,nature,destiny,Misery,philosophy
Poetry 2007-11-17 (1027 hits)
Workshop Only

'Cybernetical' love : Love,Romance,Relationship, Frienship,Feelings,Emotions, Fantasy, Life
Poetry 2007-11-14 (1035 hits)

Beggars! : Life,Society, Philosophy,culture,Nature,Humans,Character,Norms,Thiinking,Truth
Poetry 2007-11-14 (1077 hits)

Every House Is Not A Home. : Life, World, Fate, Misery, Family,Home
Poetry 2007-11-11 (1020 hits)

Time and Space : Life, Time and Space, Mysticism, Philosophy
Poetry 2007-11-09 (1053 hits)

The Slaves Of Mind : Slavery,Notions, Dogma,Beliefs,Philosophy
Poetry 2007-11-08 (1022 hits)

I Am Lost! : Love,Disappointment,Betrayal,Estrangement
Poetry 2007-11-08 (1007 hits)

The Fate Of Nations : Democracy, Dictatorship. Oppression,Irony,Nationhood,Pakistan
Poetry 2007-11-05 (1075 hits)

That Four-Letter Word ! : Destiny,Luck,Fate, Occult,Mysticism,Divinity
Poetry 2007-11-04 (963 hits)

What shall I call thee? : Love,Romance, Beauty,Beloved
Poetry 2007-11-04 (1053 hits)

Moonlight : love, Romance,Beauty
Poetry 2007-11-03 (1041 hits)
Workshop Only

W h e re C o u l d Y o u B e? : Love,Loneliness,Imagination,Romance
Poetry 2007-11-02 (855 hits)

Plutonic Love,,,A Sonnet : Sonnet, Love,Lust,Procreation,Sex,Lust, Greed,Pluto.Plato
Poetry 2007-11-02 (1183 hits)

The Dance of Death : War,Bloodshed< Terror,Politics,Destruction,Soldiers,Violence,Peace
Poetry 2007-11-01 (1122 hits)
Workshop Only

The Divine Tragedy : God,Adam,Origin of Life,Divinity,The Original Sin,World
Poetry 2007-11-01 (2454 hits)
Workshop Only

Utopia : Nationalism,patriotism,politics,Wishing, Pray, Repentence,Country,Utopia
Poetry 2007-10-31 (1088 hits)

So, You Are My God ! : God, Humans,Beliefs,Supernatural,Mysticism
Poetry 2007-10-31 (1107 hits)
Workshop Only

The Story of Love : love,god,Adam,Eve,creation
Poetry 2007-10-30 (4953 hits)
Workshop Only

A Dream Is Lost : dreams,vision,fantasy,love,separation
Poetry 2007-10-29 (941 hits)
Workshop Only

Flowers : Nature, Beauty,flowers,
Poetry 2007-10-29 (1149 hits)
Workshop Only

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Juliet's Kiss

OffTOPIC a few comments


thank you



very good theme and rendering!







done ! thanks.


worthy suggestion

Best wishes

thanks ,John.

Note to the Poem/mazHur






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Biography mazHur

A Voice of the Past.
About mazhur
As published in (FAO) Infofish Marketing Digest No. 4/1984 Malaysia Company Profile By Ron Baynes "Why not?" --- An attitude which built Mekran Fisheries Ltd of Karachi. With do-it-yourself resourcefulness and attention to quality, this fast-moving company has become the largest shrimp exporter in Pakistan. Interviewing Mazhar Butt, the restless 35-years-old President of Mekran Fisheries ... More

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