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Dehumanize yourself
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by [laurakm2005 ]

2009-05-21  |     | 

Dehumanize yourself

This is the message the world sets forward all around us and, sooner or later, we get to perceive it. Sooner or later we WANT to be hit by that conclusion with the purpose to keep our souls safe from the” attacks” of the outsiders (Through outsiders I mean everyone, but the individual himself).

Where am I getting with this? Well, we all know that we live in an imperfect society that lacks many things especially concerning the social side. We all had bad experiences with our family, classmates, friends, strangers etc. At the beginning we had a clean and pure conscious, but every happening leaves a trace. Everything passes ( we tell others to make them feel better), still it leaves a mark behind ( and this is the natural continuation of that sentence that we deliberately avoid to say out loud).

These experiences affect us even if we realize it or not, less or more. And in the end, we get to the point when the expression “I can’t do this anymore” and especially “I don’t want to care anymore” paints our faces. This is the step I want to underline “I do not want to care anymore!”. By saying that, our youngster decides to build an invisible sphere around him that filters all the pieces of information which comes at him. Dear God, nothing ought to hurt him to any further extent (this is me being ironical of course). Nothing should damage his self-esteem, break him psychically or turn around all his life long moral values he established up to that point.

Using some well-defined weapons like cynicism, suspicion concerning everyone, paranoia, scowling and keeping people at a certain distance ( physically and psychically), our human being is putting together his own persona which has nothing to do with the exterior world. He is manufacturing a unique internal Universe influenced by very VERY few people and he is watching paradoxically and subjectively all the events passing by him. Any emotional background is out of the question, he does not afford to feel because that might hurt him AGAIN. He would give anything in order to not be hurt once more.

This is an extreme example, but necessary for me to be able to illustrate what I want to. I am sure that we all said at one point that we do not care any longer, that we are strong and nothing can touch us and moreover, “que sera sera”. We see ourselves as Gods when it comes to feelings.

Ok, ok, you are like a God. You stand in the middle of merely superficial relationships, you cannot make any emotional exchange with others, you feel alone ( Like God) and you blame people for your situation by telling yourself they are not capable of accepting you, while the world is a perverted and evil place.

We all desire at some point in time to be less sensible towards what happens around us. Stress, emotions, standards exhaust our psychic and we end up not being able to feel. We hypertrophied our soul and got to the line where everything sets still.

Don’t get there!!! You have no idea how many people would like to “feel” something again. Dehumanization takes place on all social levels and at all points, still few people realize it. We like to be as active as possible, do as many things at once as we can, but sometimes we require to be cold, calculated, inhumane. We believe that it makes us better, more capable and more efficient. Like ROBOTS.

People, think about it! Is it not wonderful to feel each smile of a friend, each glare of a teacher, each blushing of your boyfriend/girlfriend, each tear of the one who loves you? Is it not gorgeous to tremble when seeing a lovely mountain landscape or to feel like you are on the top of the world?

Some time ago two a very good friend of mine was on the point of meeting a soon to be girlfriend. His roommate asked him: “Why are you so nervous and walking all round the apartment?”. “I am going on a date with this girl I met and I like her a lot and... “. The other’s reply was: “ Damn! I would give all the money in the world to feel what you feel right now”. And he is not the only one who would exchange anything for an emotion.

So, let your hearts open and your souls touchable. Feel with your entire being and let the emotions run through you. Otherwise, you’d be simply some rocks on this valley called Life.
Thursday, 21 May 2009
11:43:48 PM

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