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I had a dream
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by [jaw ]

2015-02-10  |     | 

1) Behold it came to pass in the ninth year of King Harper also know as ‘He of the Unmovable Locks,’ in the kingdom known as Canada in the province of BC (Beyond Canada,) on the eight day of February, also known as the month of lovers, as I tossed in my slumber I dreamed a dream. In my dream lo my two youngest granddaughters stoodeth on chairs at mine dining table and yea, even as I scolded them they dipped cherries into a great bowl of freshly whipped cream. The cherries were ripe as the reddest pomegranates and they were even pitted and halved. And the bowl was yellow like as unto gold and made of fine glass tempered in the furnace.
2) I lifted mine eyes and lo, saw my eldest granddaughter even as she dippeth whipped cream from the great bowl. With a stainless spoon did she dip the whipped cream and the spoon was worked with the fine work of the CNC machine. With the tip of the spoon, with the very tip of it and with great care did she paint her mother’s lips with the whipped cream, yea even with the whipped cream that cameth from the great bowl tempered by fire and then she painted her own face, even with that same stainless spoon with the engravings done of the CNC machine.
3) And behold I awoke and was troubled by mine vision and called upon mine Muse. And mine Muse answered me and spoketh unto me. “Knowest not the interpretation of thine dream which though hadest in thine slumbers?” And I answered mine Muse and said. “Behold great Muse, I understand not the meaning of mine dream and mine heart is sore befuddled by it. But thou O Great Muse art able to tell me the interpretation of mine dream if thou so desireth.” And mine Muse spake to me and gaveth me the interpretation of mine dream that did trouble mine soul.
4) And behold this is the interpretation of mine dream (that I made up with mine Muse.)
5) For lo, the great glass bowl is the Bowl of Life and the cherries are the careers of thine two youngest granddaughters. For they shall be pastry chefs and as the cherries were split and halved so shall thine two youngest granddaughters split the world and each shall be famous in her half of the world. Yea Isabella the older of the two shall rule all pastry chefs in the Northern Hemisphere and the younger, Natalia, shall rule over all pastry chefs in the Southern Hemisphere.
6) And behold, even as thine granddaughter Raquel even thine oldest granddaughter hath painted both her own face and the face of her mother, thine favourite daughter Cynthia, so shall both she and her mother drink over sweetened Mochas topped with too much whipped cream all the days of their lives.
7) Thus spoke mine Muse and so shall it be forever, amen.

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