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My Rose
poetry [ ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [JKhazini ]

2011-05-30  |     | 

“Butterflies are free
And so are we”

From past in echoes dancing,
Buried things through gloom and rhyme
Are rising.
You killed me once…
And you shall have to kill me one more time.


My smiling rose of beauty cries,
She cries for me,
Cries because she cannot love me.
A foolish child still suffers for her eyes.

And there she was, looking at me
With hopes that childish dreams are dead,
With fears of things she left unsaid
And there she was… one step from me.

And there I was… one step from her
My blooming rose,
So near… so close…
My every single foolish dream come true.

She prays to God that now I’m healed,
All angels pray
That I can keep the past away
But fate is there to be fulfilled,
There’s no way out… my heart is sealed.
Her eyes will always be my way.

If only she could see the things I’ve seen,
If only I could touch her heart
With all the truths that I foreseen.
If only she could see that life is written without time,
That past and future always rhyme.
If only she could let it go… and be aware
That life is all at once,
That we are one in everything and time is what we share.
If only she could trust me once…
But there she was… entrapped to me
Almost crying to be free
And all she needs is just a sign,
My dazzling rose… which isn’t mine.

It’s time for signs.
And so I smiled and now she smiles.
Her smile… just everything I’ve always missed,
She feels released.
She thinks all things are now alright,
I set her free, a charming night.
I always dreamed her smiling eyes…
A childish dream of butterflies.

My rose that took the blue from skies
And made by night my ceiling blue,
Trust me, one day you shall dream them too,
Those simple flying butterflies
Creating ice storms and typhoons.

That day, looking back you’ll see
No dreams, no fears,
No silent tears,
No guilt for things that I might feel.
You’ll see the butterflies that brought you there,
You’ll see them everywhere
Just flying free… one step from me.
One step from you…
You’ll see flowers from the green floor to the ceiling blue.
You’ll see cherry blossoms and their youth
And you shall feel them as the truth,
The only real thing that was and that will always be.
One single step… called destiny…
But butterflies are free
And so were we.

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