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Il Separatio, The Primordial Matrix
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by [VeronicaValeanu ]

2012-05-15  |     | 

“The ternary shines everywhere in the universe. The monad is its principle.” Fabre d’Olivet – Vers Dorés
“I am Immortality and Death, and I am also, o Arjuna, Being and Non-being.” Bhagavad Gita, IX.19

The Legend of Il Separatio

Codex Lugubrum (manuscript issued in 1535) has still remained one of the anonymous medieval books banned by the Vatican, and it was only the anonymity that could provide protection to the author against the long hand of the Inquisition. In its pages, a character issues forth with such a strong symbolism that, once problematized, it could put down the entire scaffolding of our spiritual existence. This is Il Separatio, the Separator.
According to the legend, at the beginning of times, along with the separation of light from total darkness, a boundary was created. This boundary represents an entity whose real name cannot be uttered: Il Separatio, or Annonnimus.

Codex Lugubrum renders the story of a knight of noble origins by the name of Amantes, in fact an assassin (the action takes place in the XIIth century), paid by kings and aristocrats in order to do away with their enemies. He was renowned for being a professional in those times. Having never failed, he was capable to exterminate anyone, at any time, no matter how influent the victims could have been. He did not choose his victims, he would only choose the amount of money to charge for the job. Among his victims there were kings, princes, duchesses, even illustrious churchmen. He would charge money to Venetians, Genovese or whoever could afford it.

This mercenary has a revelation around the age of 50. He realizes that one of the kings he had murdered had been a good, decent man – his only guilt was to have defended his people, so he didn’t deserve to die. From that moment on, the mercenary changes his mentality completely. One by one, he starts to take vengeance on all those who had ordered the abominable crimes. In the process, he finds out that someone was the key-target of all those bloodthirsty desires: an old monk lying somewhere in an underground dungeon. His theories had created a dangerous atmosphere among the most influential people of the age. Amantes has only little time to implement his plan of saving the monk, as the monk was about to be executed the morning after, by breaking on the wheel. Amantes breaks off at night, and takes the old, ill man out of the dungeon. Beside carrying him on his back, he needs to put up a fight against some guarding soldiers. Amantes is seriously injured. His wounds are not mortal, but losing blood on the way to the next village may cause him death. Finding no nearby village, the two of them make a stop in a forest. The old man tells him “God bless you”, but Amantes answers back that he doesn’t believe at all in heaven or in hell, and that he had taken action according to his own decision. He bides farewell to the monk, asking him to let him die alone, in peace; then he thrusts his sword into the ground, waiting for all the blood to drip from his body. Meanwhile, the monk disappears.

A hole opens then into the ground and a powerful demon comes out to claim for Amantes. The demon tells him he was sent to take him to hell with full honors, as a reward for the considerable number of murders he had perpetrated. Amantes, his hand on the sword, with an unimaginable courage, answers: “Don’t you dare think that you will have an easy life with me, down there! I swear I will raise a palace from the bones of your demons!”
In this moment the angel of light appears and speaks to the angel of darkness: “He isn’t yours! This soul has made in the last years so much good that it exceeded the evil done in the rest of his life, and God forgave all his sins. He will come along with us in heaven.” But the angel of darkness withstands, and both angels put out their swords.

Much to the angels’ fright, exactly at that moment someone makes his appearance, someone the angels knew about, but whom they had never seen before. According to the writings of Codex Lugubrum, only two entities had seen him before – God and Lucifer – and only once. This is Il Separatio, wearing a cloak with hood, underneath which neither the face, nor the hands or feet could be seen, and his waist was tied up with a rope. Il Separatio makes a sign and the two angels tremble in fear. He tells them: “You are both wrong. This man has done as many good deeds as evil. So everything is now balanced – you won’t have him, neither of you.”
The absolute power of Il Separatio makes the angels disappear instantaneously. Thus speaking, his last words are for the knight: “Get up, as you have no more wounds now. You will live as long as you wish. If you will do evil deeds, it doesn’t matter. The balance will compensate for it, as other people will be born to do good deeds. If you decide to do good deeds, it still won’t matter, as other people will be born to do evil deeds. You no longer exist for this universe. Live on earth as long as you want, until this species goes extinct. You can move everywhere you wish with the power of your mind, even in places that do not exist on this earth. After you’ve had enough of everything, even a billion years from now on, call me and I will explain what our meaning is.”

Il Separatio has vanished instantaneously and, according to the legend, the knight is still living among us now, trying to understand further on what is good, what is bad, and why. This is the big question of the story: why.

(special thanks to Mr. Codrin Ştefănescu, in whose private collection the manuscript is; for allowing me to share the abstract of his material)


The legend is a personified map of the primordial matrix.
One of the most advanced contemporary astrophysicists, Nassim Haramein, could have a say exactly where the legend might sink us into the incomprehensible.
One of his key-concepts about the formation of the universe is that since its formation, there has always been a counter-force involved in the process of expansion. For us to imagine it, he says it would be better if we first visualized a swollen balloon – there must be someone to breathe air inside it. The lungs of this person are contracting. Therefore, a process of contraction-expansion occurs. “For every action there is an equally opposed reaction”, asserts the first law of physics. Besides Haramein’s theory, we still would need a fundamental matrix to enable this mechanism at a huge scale to take place. It would be the very coincidentia oppositorum, generating a polarized system, but not per se.

The fundamental matrix is in fact built on a triad: the binary principle, dominated by equilibrium in the middle. For the reconstruction of this concept, it will be necessary for us to go through the scientific terminology and transpose it directly on the concept of the legend.
It has been commonly agreed upon that the formation of the universe is in close relationship with the expansion of light. The entire observable universe is made up by photons, the smallest subdivision of light. At the same time, at the extreme side, something must be contracting. The vacuum is the part that is contracting. According to Nassim Haramein, this leads to the conclusion that the vacuum is not empty, but filled with an energy that is neither lost, nor gained. This primordial sequence generates balance further on, and at the same time it becomes the first matrix division. There comes the meaning of Il Separatio. It becomes comprehensible now why God and Lucifer must have seen Il Separatio only once before. He is the equilibrium in this first triad, as well as the boundary between them, and the capacity of its huge force resides in the infinite potential of division: the maximal resolution of creation, given the fact that even from a mystical perspective, both God and Lucifer generate at their turn the positive paradigm and the negative paradigm. Il Separatio remains the singularity in the middle, but also the decisive force.

If we have considered so far the primordial matrix of the equilibrium as being infinite and with infinite potential, we might notice that even this first half of the division contains another Il Separatio boundary in its singularity: the big infinite and the small infinite – in the legend, the small infinite personified as the knight Amantes.
The infinite, at its turn, is included in another binary system along with the finite.
Let’s take the atom as standard of the finite: we are made from a finite number of atoms. But again, the atom can be infinitely divided (see fractals). Therefore, the atom bears the mark of Il Separatio – the singularity, the boundary between macro and micro, containing thus an infinite potential of information, as it is made up of 99.99999% space/vacuum. The atom is nothing but a division of space. Its electron has a negative electric charge, the nucleus is positively charged and instead of being attracted to it, the electron revolves around it with the speed of light. That’s why the center of the atom must contain that singularity which connects it continuously with the rest of the universe, through the infinite binding of the vacuum. What is transmitted into the vacuum can radiate simultaneously towards every singularity of every atom in the universe, because there is the same singularity in all the atoms. Since it is the same, then every transmission of energy or information is simultaneously and perfectly coherent in all the atoms. It’s for this reason that the energy of the atom is never exhausted – it is only being recirculated, recycled at the level of the vacuum. (- according to Nassim Haramein)

Consequently, infinite and finite systems are opposed, but it’s the superior Il Separatio principle, the division-maker principle, at the foundation. Binary means polarities with the role of supporting the feedback. At the macro level, Il Separatio needs a God and a counter-force, a principle of evil, as much as at the micro level, in the material world, he needs a commoner (the knight Amantes) who understands to activate from now on a huge force, a force from beyond his dimension, which ensures him a sort of immortality, but at a deeper analysis, this force is nothing but the initial vacuum, represented at a smaller resolution. That’s why Amantes becomes negligible quantity: it doesn’t matter if he exists, or if he is able to exist infinitely, if he is good or bad.

The knight - or, to better put it, the production of Il Separatio(s) at the micro level - has the role of generating awareness for the polarity of the first division. If at some moment the principle of good prevails, the balance will incline to activate the principle of evil; good and evil being thus governed by Il Separatio’s neutrality equilibrium.
All in all, we can easily notice, at a holistic level, the big gros-plan, the feedback of this parallelism: the representations of Il Separatio at the superior and at the inferior level. How interesting, their interconnection is still Il Separatio: “As the sky is the earth, but in an earthly way, and the earth is the sky, but in a divine way.” (Eugenius Philalethes)

The specific problem that the astrophysicist Nassim Haramein raises is that in the current quantum physics an inexcusable mistake is being made: the omission - approximation, by reduction, of course – of the big infinities (“nasty” infinities, as they are called), which, every time they appear in calculations, they have to be renormalized with other simplifying calculations. “The current theory of the unified quantum field will eliminate by a process of renormalization the energetic density of the vacuum, which would normally be infinite, unless it is eliminated by a process of renormalization.” (“Gravitation” – by Misner, Thorne & Wheeler)
“Even if we could barely conceive so far what space is with our mind, there comes this hugely confusing problem of the co-existing vacuum. It has been calculated that the density of the vacuum is infinite (1094 g/cm3) at the constant Planck (1.616 x 10 – 35 m). For this renormalization, practically everything that exists in the universe would have to fit inside a cm3 of space and still it wouldn’t get to have that density!” – exclaims Nassim Haramein.

In the Kabbalah there is an absolutely overwhelming, yet less known dimension of the dynamics of the polarity, respectively regarding the nature of the attributes of God: the Sephira. Among these, some have masculine attributes, and others have feminine attributes. However, the Sephira in action can be at the same time masculine (active) as feminine (passive)! Each Sephira receives from the one preceding it and transmits further on to the one that follows. Each Sephira is feminine or passive for its predecessor and masculine or active in relation to the next one in line. Il Separatio is here the passage from a stage to another. The scientific answer: transmutation is possible because it represents nothing but a variation of the resonance of the frequency scale. Everything is a resolution within the infinite scale of space.

Science can confirm it all. The American researcher Nynke van Berkum has decoded the 3D structure of the human genome. He has discovered that the density of the information in the nucleus of the cell is several billion times bigger than the density of a computer microchip. The most astounding part of his find is that the human genome is organized in two distinct compartments: the active genes, accessible to the proteins, separated by the unused DNA, which is stored. The chromosomes go from one compartment to the other repeatedly and their DNA becomes at every circuit active or inactive. Just like the Sephira!

However, it would be fascinating to bounce back to another domain, along our trip: let’s take into consideration the functionality of another matrix, this time, the Hindu divine trinity: Brahma (the creator) / Shiva (the destroyer or the One who transforms) / Vishnu (the One who preserves, who penetrates everywhere). It is said that as long as Vishnu keeps dancing, there will be cosmic equilibrium.
In the Christian religion, The Holy Ghost has exactly the same attribute, in the holy trinity. This is an autonomous force, an emanation – it is one of the shapes of Il Separatio. If we could visualize mentally Vishnu or The Holy Ghost, we would probably conceive them as space.

In the Kabbalah, one of the most representative mystic names of God, from among the 72 names, is IEVE: Yod-He-Vau-He.


It’s fascinating how this triad contains an element that once repeated gains another function: it makes the passage from a range to another, it simply folds up the structures. That’s why it is considered a Yod in its essence.

Other triads:


Other excerpts from the Kabbalistic principles:
Between two opposites there is an intermediary resulting from them.
The opposites are nothing but the conception at different degrees of one thing.

What if everything were a triad?
What if everything, absolutely everything were to function according to this matrix? Let’s take ourselves and count: 1. There is also the surrounding reality, under all forms of manifestation: 2. What is in the middle? Space. It exists to be filled up or emptied – materially speaking, but also in terms of the meanings we would lend to it.
Towards the end of the 90s the scientific concept of Divine Matrix appeared, upheld by the father of quantum physics, Max Planck. The idea is that we would be wrong to consider that the space between two things is empty. In the middle, even if there is nothing, virtually a infinity of things could exist. It’s no coincidence that the thought can change everything through prayer.

The spiritual and esoteric teachers knew, thousands of years ago, that the body is programmable through language, feelings and thought. Now it has been proven scientifically. The DNA can be influenced and rewired through words and certain frequencies (according to G. Fosar and F. Bludorf). The Russian linguists have discovered that the alkaline molecules in the DNA obey the common grammar rules used in all human languages. In other words, the human languages did not appear randomly, they are the result of the DNA patterns. The biophysicist and biologist P. Gariaev has explored the vibrational behaviour of the DNA, respectively the effect of some frequencies on it. The conclusion: the alive DNA (of the tissues, not in vitro) reacts promptly to laser rays modulated by words, sentences, even radio waves. Thus it becomes comprehensible why affirmations, hypnosis and positive thinking can have such strong effects upon the human being: to ultimately repair some genetic defaults. Moreover: Gariaev has captured informational models from a DNA and transmitted them to another DNA, in this way reprogramming the cells for another genome. Thus, he transformed frog embryos in salamander embryos, just by transmitting the afferent informational model, without modifying the genes.

The Russian researchers have also discovered that the human DNA creates morphologic patterns into the vacuum and produces the so-called magnetic wormholes. These are the microscopic equivalents of the famous Einstein-Rosen bridges, which are found in the proximity of the cosmic black holes and can make the connection between two extremely remote points in space, s sort of shortcut through which information can be conveyed beyond the laws of space-time.
The DNA attracts information from the microcosmos and conveys it to our consciousness: it is like a radio able to receive multiple stations at once, according to the frequency they broadcast on. To customize it further on, the biologic transmutation (bioalchemy) works in the same way, by using the power of consciousness upon the biologic matter.

(the information about the above-mentioned researchers has been extracted from the scientific media)

Elements of Sacred Geometry

A concept does not exist only for itself. It is an already existing pattern in the universe, a matrix which will be triggered according to the anticipated/ expected/ desired projection. The matrix is and should remain a sacred/ sacralized space, existent as much as pre-existent, in view of projecting an event or an attitude considered necessary to exist in the purpose of producing new meaning.

The sacredness projected by the human mind can have a dual nature. Sacredness is everything that exists, for which we haven’t found a meaning yet, or related to which we haven’t given a new meaning; but sacredness may also be what doesn’t exist yet, but if it did, we would soon be lending it a polarity. The dynamics of the sacredness is the motion, the propagation. We understand by motion the creation of new dimensions, from a hypostasis in time to a new one. Any inferior dimension in motion engenders a superior dimension. Any inferior dimension is thus a section of a superior dimension.

The dot is a resolution inferior to a dimension. And something unexpected: any line is a dot, viewed from the front.
Haramein discloses one more handicap to-be-defeated pertaining to the scientific curricula implemented in schools. In classic geometry, the dot is defined as a space with 0 dimensions, in other words it lacks dimension, it doesn’t exist. To a logical extent, the line is the space with 1 dimension, that is a succession of dots - which consequently doesn’t exist. The plane would be the space with 2 dimensions, more exactly connected lines but as space, it doesn’t exist either. The volume is the space with 3 dimensions; only now does the science acknowledge that it exists as a real dimension. The apparently logical scientific exposition is totally wrong, in Haramein’s opinion, according to a more radical reconfiguration: a dot (that doesn’t exist) generates a line (which doesn’t exist) then a surface (which doesn’t exist) and finally, this generates a volume (like the cube’s) which, surprisingly, can be found out of the blue as a dimension. The problem is therefore – how can existence result from non-existence? Haramein believes this problem is at the very basis of our understanding the laws of physics.

In its dynamics, the line may be regarded as limit, respectively trajectory.
The limit is the demarcation between two opposing principles – here in our context, from a theological perspective, the demarcation between good and evil.
The trajectory of the line means the hypostases of a dot, in the acceptation of evolution or approach to something. This evolution cannot exist only as route, but it will be set up as a pre-hypostasis for another stage of its becoming. However, in this particular stage, this won’t occur because it is only linear for the moment.

The circle will be nothing else than a finite accumulate of the dot-hypostases.
Every human being needs to understand their trajectory in terms of purpose. But this can be activated only under a sacralized form. The human being cannot generate sacredness (which is a state), the human being can only get to action for achieving sacredness. The only one possible action to cover (intentionally, attitudinally, as chain of consequences) is the transformation of the line in circle. It becomes comprehensible that the starting point of the trajectory will have become a (-) polarity determined by a lack or a need, and the destination point a desired polarity (+).

The circle is the symbol of the state as locus. It represents exactly the moment when the man realizes his trajectory is the becoming of a possible whole. The extremities of the line are united, (-) and (+) are neutralized. The circle which has formed becomes therefore a hermetic matrix. We cannot influence something once achieved. In exchange, the consciousness is pushed towards evolution because it must go now to another stage. The circular motion of this stage already tends to become rotation.

It is time now to delimit three possible sequences as continuity of the above-mentioned consideration.
1) Inside the circle, a section can be made any time, according to the pattern of the division cell.

2) The model of the great matrixes may start functioning even in this stage. One of the best known matrixes is [entrance]-[space]-[exit], which demonstrates that the human creation of sacredness is much different from the divine one, as its pattern is a coin with a (+) side and a (-) side, and a neuter zone around (the kerb, the edge). The man has to transmit further on what he has accumulated, to learn how to use a new pattern, which belongs to him. The limit will be this time the very line of the circle. Il Separatio is thus seen as demarcation between 2 orders: from inside and from outside the circle. Between these two there is an in/out polarity and an afferent feedback.

3) Once remained in the point where (-) and (+) are neutralized, the consciousness cannot remain for long in circular motion, especially because at this moment it lacks polarity. It can create now by projection another circle whose center it can be, from the edge of the first circle. The second circle represents another meaning/purpose, which must be put into practice more easily by the consciousness, once it has assimilated the importance of creating sacredness. We can identify here three moments in time: the 0 moment on the circle (of the present time), the moment with retroactive impact and the newly projected circle, which must be filled in.

A point A which establishes a horizon around (including a point B) forms a circle. But it is also necessary for point A to be at its turn a horizon for point B (see the model of the Borgesian mirrors) and then point B to form by rotation a circular horizon where A should be on the circle. The space in the middle, vesica piscis (the form given by the intersection of the two circles) is the symbol of the womb, and why not, a somehow geometric interference of love. In iconography, vesica piscis represents The Holy Ghost in the scenes of the ascension to heaven. The role of The Holy Ghost in creation consisted of giving shape to the matter, to trigger life which existed in latent form, and to lend a direction to the development of life in order to channel it to the destiny prepared by God. His creation is the interconnection of the human spirit with the divine one – a transmutation is thus being made from an inferior dimension to a superior one.

Neuter. The zone.

It is fascinating to start focusing on the triad neuter/ neutrality/ neutralization. The neuter category contains the state (neutrality) as much as the action (neutralization). The latter may be negative, respectively positive. (Generally, in our day-to-day life, we always activate neutralization. A negative event which imprints someone can be annihilated regarding its unfavorable consequences by our acceptance, understanding and hereby, by our taming it). Here is how the existence/ state/ action matrix includes both the active principle and the passive one.

An eloquent example of the fact that Il Separatio can be a zone at a smaller scalar dimension pertains to the linguistic domain. The words: interact, interpose, intermediary – show a zone which is formed by a breach. The word “interdiction” denotes the following: it operates by polarizing the perception into positive and negative; and emphasizing the idea of negativity, it attempts to annihilate something that might bring negativity according to a standard perception.

There is another example in the English grammar. Modality is a grammar concept which represents the speaker’s attitude regarding his assertion. Among the multitude of modal zones such as im/ possibility, in/ ability, reproach, etc there is a special triad: obligation/ lack of obligation/ interdiction. The lack of obligation means that you are not forced to take a certain action. There is a meaning which shows that apart from that, you choose to put it into practice (you needn’t have written vs. you didn’t have to write), where “write” has a neuter identity, only the intention being able to change the polarity.

Regarded strictly theologically, Il Separatio is not in essence the symbol of the neutrality, it is the symbol of the annihilation of the binary principle at the highest level: the divine level. The supreme God is not the One to whose foundation lies only the principle of good, in opposition to the evil. The two plans delimited by Il Separatio couldn’t reside only on this infinite opposition. There wouldn’t be any more evolution. That equilibrium must be upheld from its middle, by a sort of no man’s land (no god’s land).

That is particularly the fundamental message in The Gospel of Judas, recently discovered in the Nag Hammadi site.
After having been more and more demonized from a gospel to another (there had been enormous differences between the ever more significant hyperbolization of the biblical facts from the Gospel of Marc, the most ancient one, to the Gospel of John). Judas now is being approached according to the Gnostic tradition. He is no longer seen as a traitor, but as a hero, much more advanced than the other disciples. The following excerpt will illustrate that:

[At the last supper, getting near the disciples who were praying for the food, Jesus starts laughing, somehow ironically, asking them who they are praying to. They answer they are praying to God, the Creator of the world. Jesus contradicts them, as that was not the God they were supposed to pray to. The apostles are very puzzled, except for Judas. Jesus tells them (approximate translation): “He who is the strongest of you shall stand up and show me the true spiritual being that is inside of him.” Judas stands up and says: “I know who you are and where you come from, but I am not worthy of uttering the name of the one who sent you.” The reply: “Step away from the others and I shall tell you the mysteries of the kingdom. It is a great and boundless realm which no eye of an angel has ever seen, no thought of the heart has ever comprehended, and it was never called by name.“
In another episode, Judas has the following conversation with Jesus: “God, I saw myself in a vision. The disciples were stoning me to death.” “You will become the apostle cursed by the others. (...)Your star's brilliance will eclipse all the others. you will become greater than them all. You will sacrifice the man that clothes me.”] – here is an epic polarization in the vision of a major biblical character.

For the Gnostics, Jesus had to die in order to be able to release himself from the fetters of the body – neither the body, nor the resurrection did really matter for the Gnostics. What it did matter was that the body can die so that the spirit should last. This gospel was not destined to public reading, but rather an advanced teaching. There is no wonder the church has considered this idea a heresy even to this day.

The phenomenon of aura, considered not a long time ago exclusively mystic, has a scientific explanation now. The centripete force, that we can find everywhere in the universe, generates an illusory radiation. So we and everything else are permanently oriented towards a center, but we live in the 3D radiation of the illusion that everything is getting apart from the center. We call this reality; the esoteric theories bring into discussion the centrifuge phenomenon of interiorization (“visualization” of the infinity by withdrawing the senses inwardly - the small infinity) the fact that once being put into practice, you start radiating an aura. The energetic radiance increases with the feedback between contraction and expansion, at a level where the human being is unconsciously attracted to Singularity. How to define the center in such a fractal? Every point is a center, as everything radiates from the singularity: 0, the number with a neuter nature, as it forms a connection between – and +. Ground 0, exactly where you are standing. Neutrality is undoubtedly imperceptible.

In astrophysics there is the notion of Zero-point energy (energy in the vacuum, a state of stagnation of the universe before the initial moment of tension). In the Kabbalah we have the Ain term as Unmanifested Absolute or Uncreated Energy.
Nikola Tesla had discovered since the 40s in USA how to produce electricity using the 0 point technology, an inexhaustible source of energy, but the American government called off his researches, under the enormous pressure of J. P. Morgan, (one of the 13 illuminati who are leading the world), who at those times was the owner of copper mines. He couldn’t stand the idea that electric energy should be free of charge. Today electricity is channeled through copper wires, so that it should be measurable and billable.

The vacuum absorbs motion, turns it into potential, and by its feedback this potential becomes motion again, only to be radiated back into space – tells us Nassim Haramein, and emphasizes even more – because the vacuum is everywhere. “When something is in perfect equilibrium, it cannot be felt or measured. And this perfection makes it imperceptible. As long as the fish is in water, in the environment he is used to, it wouldn’t feel that unless someone takes it out of the water and brings it into an environment with a different density. We don’t have any method to perceive the vacuum, so we considered it empty. (…) In every fractal structure, any point can be considered the center, and if the vacuum creates and maintains everything in a structure, then it is the key to the creative force of all the phenomena in the universe.” The astrophysicist exemplifies by asking us to imagine a hurricane. The eye of the hurricane is still, whereas everything around is in rotation – this specific point is the event horizon of the central singularity.
The conclusion of the astrophysicist is that we live in a universe which behaves like a black hole. Everything inside it behaves like a smaller black hole, even the atoms, containing a singularity.
The newest theories of the scientist Steven Hawking are oriented to enlarging the theory of the black hole-white hole phenomena. What we see is the radiant part of the event horizon (planets, atoms, etc). But black holes could be the contracting part, in the vacuum, and white holes could be the radiating part, in the vacuum. We are so close to understanding the universal truth.

Everything in the universe is interconnected.
Everything can be an Il Separatio! Singularity, 0, division, feedback of the polarity, the principle of the balance (composed by two opposed elements), equilibrium (the central point between two diametrically opposed elements), reality itself (different resolutions, various divisions of space inside a fractal vacuum).
Il Separatio is “the universe living through itself, learning about itself” (Carl Sagan)

And then, should we still wonder why the Vatican is still preserving, since the dark days of the Inquisition, despite all its reforms, the official prohibition of uttering the name of Il Separatio? Maybe for the simple fact that it hasn’t become yet the kilometer 0, the core of true spirituality. It could have been our guidance for all the painful years when we were wondering what the purpose of all the seen and unseen things was.
We can definitely conclude: the knight from the legend didn’t eventually need to meet Il Separatio again to ask him why.

References: (Nassim Haramein)
Kabbalah (Papus)
Drunvalo Melchizedek – „Flower of life”
The Gospel of Judas (documentary) -

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